Zmanda Backup Solutions

Zmanda offers robust, supported Network and Cloud backup solutions. Amanda Enterprise is based on the popular, tried and true Amanda Open Source backup system, which utilizes standard formats and protocols to combine fast installation, simplified management and enterprise-class functionality with centralized backup and restore of heterogenous, demaning enterspise environments encompassing Linux, Solaris™, Mac™ and Windows™ computers, applications and databases. Management is easy through a central Web interface. Amanda Enterprise supports backup and restore of Oracle™ and SQL Server™ databases as well as Exchange™ email data.

Other Zmanda products are Zmanda Recovery Manager, which allows data protection for live MySQL™ databases, and Zmanda Cloud Backup, which makes comprehensive Cloud backup and 1-click restore easy through the Amazon EC3™ cloud storage infrastructure.

How we can help you

As a dedicated Zmanda partner we offer you the following solutions and services

  • Amanda Enterprise licenses and support
  • Zmanda Recovery Manager licenses and support
  • Zmanda Cloud Backup licenses and support
  • Consulting Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Proof of concept