Virtual Bridges VERDE Desktop Virtualization Solutions

Virtual Bridges VERDE is a Desktop Virtualization Solution designed from the ground-up to be a Desktop Virtualization Solution, not merely a repackaged server virtualization system. As such VERDE offers unique features, including ability to serve Windows and Linux desktops, dynamic renewable desktops available from Windows, Mac and Linux clients, as well as thin clients, disconnected use through SMART technology, ability to run from a USB stick, centralized management of gold images for low administration overhead, low storage requirements thorugh zero duplication, multiple dynamic desktop per user, secure remote access through 128 bit encryption, seamless integration with Active Directory™ and centralized provisioning of users just to name a few.

Add to this a low initial cost and ongoing cost of ownership that amounts to a small fraction of those associated with competing offerings from VMWare™, Citrix™ and Microsoft™.

How we can help you

As a VERDE partner reseller of licenses and services we offer

  • VERDE licenses
  • VERDE support
  • VERDE Consulting Services
  • VERDE Custom Enginnering
  • VERDE Training
  • Feasibility studies
  • Proof of concept
  • Migration from proprietary platforms