Release3 - Powerful Standards Based Oracle Forms™ Conversion Tools

Over the years many corporation invested heavily in mission critical applications built with Oracle Forms™ and Oracle Reports™. These applications have come to form cornerstones in many IT departments, but unfortunately Oracle's™ commitment to the Form™ platform doesn't always appear to be equally unmoving. Many IT professionals agree that the time to migrate from the platform is now.

What seems to be less clear is what direction to take. There are many migration tools out there, including Oracle's™ own technologies. But in most cases conversion cost is prohibitive, and even if that hurdle can be overcome the end product is dependent on proprietary technologies and vendor lock-in.

Release3 targets Oracle Forms™ and Oracle Reports™ migration and conversion with powerful tools built on open standards Java and SQL. The toolkits leverage your existing in-house expertise, as they can easily be used by developers with standard PL/SQL and some Java skills. The process, which is highly automated, takes a form or report as input and generates Open Source, standards based, non-proprietary Java code for the presentation, while separating business logic into PL/SQL database packages. No esoteric skills are required: The resulting code is absolutely generic - no more vendor lock-in!

How we can help you

As a Release3 partner we can provide you with

  • Release3 TransForm Starter Packs
  • Release3 TransForm Toolkits
  • Release3 TransRep Starter Packs
    (Available 1st Quarter 2010)
  • Release3 TransRep Toolkits
    (Available 1st Quarter 2010)
  • Release3 Training
  • PL/SQL Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Release3 Support and Services
  • Conversion Consulting Services
  • Custom Development
  • Feasibility studies
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