LikeWise Identity Management Solutions for Heterogenous Environments

LikeWise Enterprise offers seamless integration of Linux, UNIX™ and Mac™ systems with Microsoft™ Active Directory™. This powerful technology is a true enabler of mixed environments by providing authentication, authorization and identity management regardless of platform. Additional features include group policy based management, single sign on, reporting and auditing etc. that are essential in highly regulated enterrpise environments.

We also offer additional LikeWise solutions, such as the UID/GID module, which controls access to Linux, UNIX™ and Mac™ computers based on Active Directory™ user and group ID values, and the LikeWise CIFS system, a set of client and server components that allow Windows™ computers to access folders and files on Linux, UNIX™ and Mac™ systems across the SMB/CIFS protocol.

How we can help you

Working closely with LikeWise as a member of their partner program we offer you

  • LikeWise Enterprise licenses and support
  • LikeWise UID/GID module licenses and support
  • LikeWise CIFS licenses and support
  • LikeWise Consulting Services
  • LikeWise Implementation Services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Proof of concept