Iron Bridge

Iron Bridge takes a fresh approach to clinical IT solutions. The focus is on deploying modern technology in a way that is easy to use and own, while at the same time not giving up scalability and security.

We offer a full range of services around the Iron Bridge Hosted Interface Engine. This is a cost effective, scalable solution that can help you reduce your interface engine cost as well as the often high costs associated with implementing custom interfaces.

The Clinical Dropbox Patient Portal is a document repository solution that provides a longitudinal record of a patient's medical history in standards based formats (e.g. Continuity of Care Document, Discharge Notes). It is designed as a tool that can help provider meet Meaningful Use requirements.

Iron Bridge Bridge Hub is a practice integration solution, which offers secure and scalable delivery of Orders and Results for Lab and Radiology, transcribed results, clinical documents etc. It is built around the standards based Bridge Horse interoperability engine for scalability, security and ease of customization.

How we can help you

As a Premier Partner and reseller we offer you the full range of Iron Bridge solutions:

  • Iron Bridge Hosted Interface Engine
  • Iron Bridge Clinical Dropbox Patient Portal Solution
  • Iron Bridge Bridge Horse Interoperability Solutions
  • Iron Bridge Meaningful Use Solutions
  • Iron Bridge Cloud Based Secure Hosting Solutions
  • Iron Bridge Appliances (Physical or Secure Cloud Hosted)
  • Iron Bridge Jump Start Deployment
  • Iron Bridge Support and Services
  • Iron Bridge Consulting Services
  • Custom Java and HL7 Development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Proof of concept