Ingres database solutions

Ingres Database is an source database management system that can reduce IT costs and time to value while providing the strength and features expected from an enterprise class database. Ingres Database is a leader in supporting business critical applications and helping manage the most demanding enterprise applications of Fortune 500 companies. Focused on reliability, security, scalability, and ease of use, Ingres contains features demanded by the enterprise while providing the flexibility of open source.

Core Ingres technology forms the foundation, not only of Ingres Database, but numerous other industry-leading DBMS systems as well. Ingres continues to drive both technological and business innovation providing the enterprise features you need with the open source model you want.

How we can help you

Through our partnership with EnterpriseDB we offer you

  • Ingres Database Server
  • Ingres Icebreaker Appliance
  • Ingres BI Appliance
  • Ingres ECM Appliance
  • Ingres Development Tools
  • Ingres EDBC
  • Ingres Performance Tuning and Scaling
  • Ingres Training
  • Support and Services, including Remote DBA
  • Custom Development
  • Implementation Services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Proof of concept