EnterpriseDB database solutions

EnterpriseDB is a robust, scalabale, reliable Enterprise Database Solution based on the advanced PostgresQL Open Source database management system. The standard Edition runs on Linux, Windows™ and Mac™ servers and includes one-click instllation and a suite of Open Source Databse Productivity Tools.

Stepping up to the Advanced Edition will get you DBA and developer Productivity tools, Geospatial (GIS) support, database clustering and paralell quesry execution through GridSQL, database Replication, Migration tools and of course the Oracle™ Compatibility features that allow you to run existing Oracle databases and applications at a fraction of the cost of running Oracle™!

Other offerings include tarining, perforamce tuning, scalability services, remote DBA services and more

How we can help you

Our close partnership with EnterpriseDB brings you

  • EnterpriseDB Advanced Server
  • EnterpriseDB Standard Server
  • EnterpriseDB Performance Tuning and Scaling
  • EnterpriseDB Training
  • Support and Services, including Remote DBA
  • Custom Development
  • Implementation Services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Proof of concept